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We identified that many of the contract administration systems on the market were either complicated or expensive or both. We decided that there could be something more affordable and easier to use. We chose an environment that was secure, cloud based and that would allow you, the owner of the data, easy access to that data included within the fee. We recognise that there are a number of great software companies out there with specialist accounting systems built in and that in all probability, you are already running your business through one of those packages. We designed CAS-tellan® without an integral accounting function but with the ability to link to most popular accounting systems therefore making it much more flexible.

Sean Oliver
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Sean has over been involved in IT and commerce for over 30 years. He has a wide range of experience in various business sectors including finance, consulting, insurance, construction and FMCG. He has run his own companies and been part of the senior management team of national and international organisations. Within IT, he has developed systems, managed teams of developers as well as running IT operations for companies with up to 150 sites and 2,000+ end users. He is the architect of the CAS-tellan® suite of products.

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