The Proposals module of CAS-tellan® is a workflow management tool. Whether from Lightning Proposals™ or by direct input, it manages the life a new business request from introduction through to contract execution. Once the relevant customer details are input, the Proposals module’s underwriting element gives users the ability to set its own rules for approvals and declines whilst maintaining the integrity of pre-existing credit policies, processes and procedures pertinent to each user’s own criteria.
We take the time to understand the user’s hierarchy of decision making so the relevant authority levels can be set within the user’s business so that only those parties that are empowered to make such decisions can do so. Once approved the module produces finance agreements with the user’s own terms and conditions, pertinent to each customer’s requirements. The Proposals module assists administration staff manage each transaction through to execution with an audit trail that helps to ensure that all the relevant documentation and underwriting requirements have been fulfilled.
When the contract is formally executed, the Proposals module feeds through the salient details to the Contract Management module.  The Contract Management module then handles all in-life processes from billing, collecting and arrears management through to working with the user’s own chosen accounting system for financial reporting and cash reconciliation.

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